I remember! I remember! (do you?..)

While walking around the mall window shopping,  I sprung the same lines on the Demigod. His response… “wait… I know this …” And I was like, “of course you do”… after 5 minutes of naming several kid shows we eventually got sidetracked by how Barney’s “I love you, you love me” became one the most dreaded last song syndrome song *shivers* along with how the TeleTubbies goodbye song takes forever to end.. (*@$#!!!)

Going old school with this one and taking you back to those days when you didn’t have the ” 3-inch silk sandals with frilly shiny stones vs. a months worth of groceries” dilemma.

If you haven’t watched it (you’re totally missing out) .. please do. If you have kids, let them watch it … it’s a classic just like She-Ra, Thundercats( I used to be Chetara btw), Rainbow Bright and .. and … Transformers and My Little Pony … ahh … and G.I. Joe..  these are must-sees… critical to every child’s foundation for a totally genius brain.. (lookat mine!)


~ by VAMp on October 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “I remember! I remember! (do you?..)”

  1. Hahahaha! I finally remembered! Gawd the old sesame street was awesome. Now they’re killing of Bert with Aids, Mr. Cooper is dead… and Big Bird is apparently a crack addict! 😥 Ok, maybe big bird isn’t but the first two are true.

    Oh, and i think she meant “IMMORAL” matriarch, as opposed to “Immortal”. LOL! Love you dear. Hey, what’s our sunday churvy?


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